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Bottle Top Opener | Catfish Whisker Seeker Tackle
Catfish Bottle Top Opener | BTO

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Catfish Bottle Top Opener | BTO


You’ve just finished an amazing day of catfishing. You sit down to enjoy the sunset and share fish tales around the campfire. 

Nobody has a bottle opener to open your frost beverage. You resort to the “standby" and start using your teeth to open the bottle. Seconds later "it happens", you’ve broken a tooth, you’re beer isn’t open and you’ve blown your fishing budget for the next six months on dental bills. 
Don’t be this guy, be the hero of everyone you know with this epic bottle top opener tool or BTO from Whisker Seeker Tackle. 
We’ve built the BTO to take the use and abuse of catfish anglers and never break down. It’s been field tested in the Texas heat, the Iowa cold and in the Gulf Of Mexico. 
The Whisker Seeker BTO is covered by the Trophy Tough Warranty, guaranteed to open at least 100,000 bottles. It’s water proof, catfish slime proof and in an emergency could be hurled across the room as a defensive weapon because let’s face it, you never know what’s going to happen out there. 
Plus it’s made in the USA, because we’re making America great again. 
Seriously, what more could you ask for? 
That gas station bottle opener on your keychain seems inferior now doesn’t it?


  • 3.6 oz stamped metal
  • 7" X 1.5"


Release Date:  11.15.2017