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2 Rod | Whisker Stick Package

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Whisker Seeker Tackles Winter Special | 2 Rod Hardwater Package allows anglers to save BIG during our once a year holiday sale.

Package contents:

  • 2 38" Ice Rods of your Choice
  • 1 WST Catfish Rag
  • 1 WST Full Color Decal


Catfish Ice Rod | Whisker Stick

You’re a hardcore angler. a member of an elite group that goes in search of fish in areas that most anglers won’t go. Only the few dedicated extremists that will do anything for the adrenaline rush of “the tug” are members of your elite group.


You my friend are a hard water catfish angler. 

It doesn’t matter how cold it gets, how bad the conditions are or how miserable the weather, you’re there in search of whiskered fish. 

You put in hours on the ice just waiting for a big catfish to come along. You know that an epic battle with a monster catfish through that tiny hole is the one and only thing that will warm you up again and break that bone chilling cold. It’s why you’re there, it’s why you’ll return and it’s what keeps you awake at night.

For years you’ve “made due” with other ice fishing rods because there weren’t other options.  You’ve got specific needs, specific demands and you need your gear to work for catfish, not any of those other wimpy hard water fish. 



Whisker Seeker Tackle is changing the sport of catfishing again with the Whisker Stick hard water catfish rod.

The Whisker Stick ice fishing catfish rod is the first and only hard water fishing rod made specifically for catfish anglers.

No more “making due”. No more “getting by”. No more fishing with inferior gear. You’ll now be armed, dangerous and ready to pull in whiskered monsters from the deep.


The Whisker Stick is made by cat fisherman, for cat fishermen and the only catfish rod that's worthy of the Whisker Seeker seal of approval.

This is no green hornet my friend and you're not a grumpy old man. This is the Whisker Stick ice fishing catfish rod.


Whisker Stick Specifications:

  • Medium Heavy (MH) power blank.
  • Available in spinning and casting models.
  • 38" Solid glass blank so you can put the POWER to a fish.  The perfect length for easy hole hopping while jigging and works with Automatic Fisherman.
  • The blank is made to withstand the use of Automatic Fisherman in sub-zero temperatures.
  • Extra large line guides (4 plus tiptop) to keep ice from building on the guides and clogging them up.  
  • Custom fiberglass reel seats made to work with popular catfish reels so you don’t have to buy new reels.
  • Blank through handle construction for superior sensitivity to help detect the lightest bites.
  • Composite cork handles for a nice firm grip in any condition and the ultimate in durability.
  • Rod tip that’s soft enough to present baits naturally and detect delicate strikes.
  • Whisker Seeker Tackle blaze orange rod tip to help visually detect bites.


Manufactured in China by Whisker Seeker Tackle