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Sinker Slides | Quick Release

WST Quick Release Sinker Slides are the strongest available and work with any catfish rig utilizing a sliding sinker.  Our quick release system allows for easy rig changes with no cutting, tying or re-rigging and the locking snap makes swapping sinker sizes quick and simple. Great for drifting, trolling and on anchor when targeting all species of catfish.  


Package contents:

  • Five (5) Whisker Seeker Tackle Sinker Slides | Quick Release



  • The strongest Sinker Slide you will find on the market
  • Easily ad/remove Sinker Slides from your line without re-rigging
  • Quickly change sinker sizes when conditions call for it
  • Allows fast removal of sinkers to minimize rod damage when transporting rods
  • Detect even the smallest bites without Catfish feeling any tension
  • Protect your knots when using our Sinker Slides with our extra large 8mm Sinker Bead Stops
  • Braid Friendly**


**  Braid is not abrasive resistant like its Mono counterpart.  Though our sinker slides are "braid friendly" your line will need to be checked periodically for any signs of fraying.


Release Date | 03.28.2017

Manufactured by Whisker Seeker Tackle