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Solar Powered Bait Shack

we baby sit
your bait
so you don't
have to

we babysit your
bait so you don't have to

Introducing the revolutionary Solar Powered Bait Shack! This 22 Quart, industry-leading bait storage solution harnesses the power of the sun to keep your bait fresh and lively. Our unique design houses all pumps and power components within the detachable lid, utilizes a pull net to easily remove baits, and features a spring-loaded drain valve to help keep your water fresh. Our innovative solar panel design keeps your bait tank running all day long, always charging, allowing you to always be fishing.



built in thermometer






+ 3 power levels

The WST Bait Shack just might be the longest-running bait cooler you will ever own. With three power modes, you can provide enough oxygen to keep your bait kicking and fighting while extending the life of your battery. Control oxygen levels with three built-in air pumps; toggling between operating modes 1,2, or 3 at any time as needed. On any day with FULL SUN, to aid in charging your battery, Power Level 1 - Up to 10 Day run time (30 second on/off intervals on 1 pump), Power Level 2 - Up to 4 day run time (continuous run with 2 pumps, and Power Level 3 - Up to 2 day run time (continuous run with 3 pumps).

built in thermometer


+ monitor your temp.

One key to better bait is keeping your eye on the water temperature. With the built-in thermometer, you can monitor and maintain the ideal temperature for whatever bait you are running. Just keep the water line above the gauge inside the bait shack, and with a quick glance, you can determine if your temperature is rising. Too hot? Move your cooler to a shaded location, or simply add more cold water.



+ detachable lid

Grab your bait easily from any direction. The Bait Shack lid opens from either side or completely removes for easy filling & cleaning. Our self-contained lithium ion battery, and triple aerator pumps are all housed within the detachable lid. No more smashing, bashing, and eventually replacing your expensive air pumps that have been precariously mounted to the side of your cooler.


Easily track and control the amount of oxygen you're feeding your bait with the LED panel at the top. Use the power button to the right to toggle between the number of pumps you are running. Level 3 provides the most oxygen while Level 1 provides the least. Cycle to the 4th position to turn off all power. The second bank of LED lights helps you keep an eye on your battery life. The far right light signals a full battery, each subsequent light denotes an approximate 25% battery level down 0. Keep your electronics dry using the silicone port cover when not charging, the rest of the electronics are sealed and insulated entirely withing the Bait Shack lid.

+ removable pull net

Wrangling feisty bait has never been easier, no dip net needed. Just pop your lid open from either direction and use the built in pull net to remove your bait. Ready to clean out your tank? No problem, the mesh net can be easily removed from the PVC frame and rinsed free of fish slime and other debris.

+ Specifications

Product SKU



21 Liters / 22 Quarts / 5.5 Gallons

Lithium Battery Capacity          

20,000 MaH

Full Charge Time (From 0%-100%)

30 Hours

Charging Voltage


External Dimensions

18.5" x 12" x 13"

Internal Dimensions

16" x 10" x 9"

Total Air Pumps

3 Pumps

Solar Panel Power

4 Watts

Power Level 1 - Run Time

10 Days - When Fully Charged

Power Level 2 - Run Time

4 Days - When Fully Charged

Power Level 3 - Run Time

2 Days - When Fully Charged

Salt Water Safe


WST Solar Powered Bait Shack
Trophy Tuff Limited Two-Year Warranty


At Whisker Seeker Tackle, we take pride in our commitment to providing high-quality products that are well-designed and well-built. We stand behind our products with a warranty against any defects in materials or workmanship. However, there are some conditions to our warranty that we want to make clear.

This warranty applies only to the original owner of Whisker Seeker Solar Powered Bait Shack (WSTSPBS) purchased either 1.) directly through Whisker Seeker Tackle channels or 2.) from a Whisker Seeker Authorized Dealer. The complete directory of Authorized Dealers can be found here. Any second-hand sales, or WSTSPBS purchased through an unauthorized/unofficial dealer are not covered by any kind of warranty. Any WSTSPBS purchased through an authorized dealer must be registered for warranty within 30 days of the date of purchase in order to be eligible for warranty.  

Normal “wear and tear” is not covered by warranty; nor is damage caused from neglect, power surges/lightning strikes, water damage, ice retention/performance, or failure to follow recommended care and use instructions. Power cords and fuses are not covered by our warranty. We define “wear and tear” to include, but not be limited to, the following conditions: chips and scratches, abrasions, discolorations or fading due to usage, exposure to sunlight, natural elements and extreme weather. Natural battery degradation of up to 20% per year is expected with a lithium battery, and thus will not be covered under the warranty. Replacement batteries are available by calling WST customer care team. With proper usage, the charging port should not be subjected to water or the elements, so corrosion within with port is not covered by warranty. WSTSPBS that have been altered or modified will not be eligible for warranty, nor shall any that have been misused or stressed beyond the limits of the materials used. The WSTSPBS warranty will be voided if the pump has been opened, dismantled, or altered in any way. Rust and/or subsequent damage/failure inside the pump due to being submerged in water, is not covered under warranty.

To file a warranty claim for your WSTSPBS fill out the “Trophy Tuff Warranty Claim” available here. Once a claim form has been submitted, the customer will be notified within five business days with a determination of coverage. Should your WSTSPBS have an issue and qualify for warranty, Whisker Seeker Tackle will either send a replacement unit or replacement parts, at our discretion. We will work to get these replacement parts or units out to qualifying warranty claims as quickly as possible, but there may be delays in service if these parts or units are out of stock. If your item is deemed ineligible for warranty service, we will contact with you with the results of our findings as well as any possible solutions we may have. Again: “wear and tear” is not covered by the WSTSPBS warranty.  

WSTSPBS are covered by warranty for a period of two years.