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Cast Nets

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Cast Nets

Having the right bait (and the freshest bait possible) can be essential to your catfishing success.  The Whisker Seeker Tackle Cast Net is designed to help you catch bait quickly and efficiently like a pro. It doesn’t matter if your bait of choice is smaller threadfin shad or massive gizzard shad, skipjack herring, carp, drum, or buffalo there’s a Whisker Seeker Tackle cast net in the appropriate mesh size for you. Available in mesh sizes from ⅜” to 1” and multiple net sizes and weights. 

All Whisker Seeker Tackle Cast Nets are quality 6-panel nets, so they open fully and efficiently so you’ll catch more bait. Our exclusive design assures you have a quality cast net that is easy to throw and retrieve with an even spread on every cast. Each net is designed with the perfect weight balance per radius foot to ensure a fast sinking cast your bait can’t evade. The braided poly hand line provides the reach needed to catch bait at a distance without disturbing before your cast or to reach the bait in deep water when that extra rope is needed. Our clear SPS Japanese monofilament line is durable and strong, designed with various mesh sizes to accommodate virtually any size bait.


ANGLER SERIES Cast Nets feature .75 LBS of REAL LEAD weight per radius foot and a 30-foot handline. 

PRO SERIES Cast Nets feature 1.5 LBS of REAL LEAD weight per radius foot and a 50-foot handline.   


All WST Cast Nets nets include our exclusive drawstring storage bag and ship in a WST Cast net bucket to store nets and help when catching bait. 

Learn how to throw & care for your cast net HERE



  • All nets use REAL LEAD WEIGHTS and are designed to SINK FAST and create a righter bottom seal so you’ll catch more bait. 
  • Superior 6 PANEL DESIGN assures your net fully opens when casting for bait and that you get a more secure closure on retrieval. Spreads evenly with every cast. 
  • Exclusive Clear monofilament resin netting creates a softer net that’s easier to throw. 
  • Extra long floating braided polyethylene hand line for deeper water and strong currents.
  • Neoprene wrist cuff for comfort and to reduce irritation on your throwing wrist. 
  • 24 Heavy-duty 100-lb tested monofilament braille lines.
  • Double lead line with extra strong wrapping for maximum durability.
  • Appropriate mesh sizes for nearly any bait are available in sizes from ⅜” to 1” 
  • All nets ship in the exclusive WST Sunburst Orange Storage Bucket.
  • All nets include the WST-exclusive drawstring storage bag.

Warranty Policy:

Our cast nets are backed by a 30-day manufacturer's warranty, safeguarding against pre-existing defects. These defects encompass issues linked to material and workmanship at the time of purchase. For this reason it is critical for you to thoroughly inspect your net upon opening your bucket. Whisker Seeker Tackle will promptly replace any defective cast net before its first use, with the exception of shipping costs. It is crucial to understand that once the cast net touches water, the manufacturer's warranty becomes invalid. Cast nets are prone to damage upon contact with rocks and submerged debris.