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  • Catfish Slip Floats | LED Lighted NightStriker

    Catfish Slip Floats | LED NightStriker

    Light the sky with our LED Powered NightStriker catfish slip floats and night fishing will never be the same. LED Powered NightStriker Catfish Float: Over 150 hours of continues glow Reverse Battery to turn unit on and off Great for...

  • LED EVA Float/Bobber / Whisker Seeker Tackle

    Catfish Slip Floats | LED EVA 3oz

    EVA LED CATFISH BOBBER | SLIP FLOATS Our highly visible premium EVA Catfish Bobbers and Slip Floats are non-weighted and ready to help you catch more fish.  Each one of our EVA bobbers and slip floats will ensure years of successful catfishing...

2 of 2 Items