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60 Series Accessory Kit Installation

First off, a huge congrats on your brand new Seeker 60 or Seeker 60 PRO reel & RAK! You've made an excellent choice and we can't wait for you to experience the difference it makes in your fishing adventures.

Now, let's get down to business. We're here to guide you step by step on how to install your reel accessory kit (RAK) on your new reel. Don't worry, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1 Remove/install screws

Begin by removing the side plate screws
pre-installed on your reel. Be meticulous while removing the factory-installed washers - you'll be reusing these with your new RAK screws. This step needs to be performed for both side plates. Remove and install each screw one at a time.

2 Remove/install caps

The next step involves the removal of your factory tensioner caps. Once removed, proceed by threading your new RAK caps into place. For a smoother installation, we recommend backing off your tension. This ensures easier cap installation on each side. Be cautious during this process to prevent cross-threading when tightening your new caps.

3 Remove original handle

Now, we'll address the handle. Start by removing the screw that secures your reel handle lock washer in place. After removing the screw, you can remove the lock washer. Following this, loosen your lock nut.

Next, you need to remove the E-Clip that secures the reel handle in place. Please note: The E-Clip can spring off when being removed, so we strongly advise covering it with your thumb to prevent the part from flying off.

4 install handle: 1

Now, with screw, lock washer, lock nut, e-clip, and handle removed it is time to install your new RAK kit handle. Simply align the slotted handle with the drive shaft and slide into place. Be sure your handle spacer is in position before reassembling your handle.

Tip: Tighten your star drive down the drive shaft to a fully seated position before tightening down your new reel handle. If it is not properly seated, you may find your handle to be too loose.

4 install handle: 2

Once your handle is in position be sure to
re-install the retainer e-clip. This can be a bit tricky, so be sure you are working over a surface where you will be able to easily recover your e-clip if you were to drop it.

4 install handle: 3

Now hand tighten your lock nut, once in place drop the lock washer over your lock nut and the wrench provided with your reel to tighten until the holes are aligned. Once in position reinsert your screw and firmly tighten.

NOTE: If your screw is not seating properly please contact or call 1-855-973-3537 to recieve a replacement screw.

Pro series only - magnetic brake knob cap

4 Remove 3 sideplate screws & Knob

  1. Removing Sideplate Screws: Make sure you keep them in a safe place because you will need them to reassemble your equipment.

  2. Flipping Over the Equipment: With the sideplate screws removed, carefully flip the equipment over to access the back side where the magnetic brake knob screw is located. Be gentle to avoid damaging any parts or losing any necessary components.

  3. Unscrewing the Magnetic Brake Knob Screw: On the back side, you'll find the screw securing the magnetic brake knob. Use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew it. Remember, turn counterclockwise to loosen.

  4. Removing the Old Knob: Once the screw is removed, the old knob should come off easily. If there's any resistance, check to ensure the screw is fully loosened.

  5. Aligning and Installing the New Knob: Take your new magnetic brake knob and align it with the position of the old one. It's crucial that it sits perfectly in place to function correctly. Look for a flat edge in the mounting cylinder to align properly.

  6. Screwing the New Knob into Place: With the new knob aligned, hold it in place and screw the retaining screw back in. This time, turn clockwise to tighten. Make sure it's secure but avoid overtightening, which could damage the threads or the knob.

  7. Reassembling: Once the new knob is in place and secure, CAREFULLY flip the equipment back to its original position and reattach the sideplate using the screws you removed earlier. Tighten them securely, ensuring that the equipment is reassembled correctly.

Testing: After everything is reassembled, it's a good idea to test the functionality of the new magnetic brake knob. Ensure it adjusts as expected and that the equipment operates smoothly.