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Catfish Decal | Catfish Edge

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Catfish Edge Decal

Catfish Edge decals are like catfish attractant, kevlar, good wishes and the grace of god all rolled into one.

Slap one of these logo decals on your car, truck, boat, tackle box or even on your lady and life will be different. Not only will folks see your love for catching catfish but they’ll know you have the Catfish Edge. Just imagine, when your lady has one of these super cool decals stuck on her, she’ll be the talk of the town.

The Catfish Edge logo decal is like being out on the water catching catfish with an extra dose of cool. Makes you feel better just thinking about it.

Put one on your truck, boat, computer, tackle box and everywhere you can think of.

Catfish Edge Logo Decal Details:

Catfish Edge logo decals are die cut and super classy with their UV protective coating.

Die Cut means the manufacturer cuts the decal in the shape of the logo so its packed top to bottom left to right with edge instead of giving you a big circle with a logo inside of it. Manufacturers do that so they can sell you a decal that costs pennies and make a bunch of money. You end up with a bunch of blank area on the sticker because the company you bought from is cheap (even though they tell you they love you).

UV protective coating means it won’t fade from the sun two days after you stick it on something in the sun like your boat, wife or girlfriend. Just imagine you stick the Catfish Edge decal on your girlfriend before a day at the lake and then two days later the sticker fades. That’s what those other guys do.

The bottom line is we pay more so you get a quality product and charge less because we’re cool like that. We’d rather treat you right and ship a quality product than tell you how much we love you and then give you the shaft when you buy something.