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Catfish Octopus Circle Hooks | Offset Octo-Cir

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Catfish Octopus Circle Hooks

Catfish Octopus Circle Fishing Hooks are manufactured by combining the popular self-setting double action circle hook with a classic offset Octopus hook design.  

WST Octopus Circle Hooks are designed to allow catfish anglers to use this catfish octopus circle hook two different ways:  

  • Fish like using a traditional circle hook and let the rod "load" (let the catfish hook itself).
  • Use the "reel" method (reeling down as fast as possible).

These Octopus Circle Hooks come in four different hooks sizes and are best used when trolling, drifting and tightlining in reservoirs, rivers, and lakes.  All WST circle hooks are created from high carbon-steel and chemically sharpened to provide the strongest and sharpest catfishing hooks available.


  • Strong hook design to handle all species of catfish
  • Constructed of high carbon-steel
  • Chemically sharpened laser sharp hook points
  • Offset wide gap design to accommodate larger baits when needed
  • Bent eye for superior Snell knots
  • Four hook sizes perfect for catfish large and small including 4/0, 6/0, 8/0 & 10/0’s


  • Drift fishing for catfish
  • Trolling for catfish
  • Tight lining for catfish
  • Great for both live baits or chunks of bait

Targeted Species:

  • Channel Catfish
  • Blue Catfish
  • Flathead Catfish

Manufactured by Whisker Seeker Tackle