Catfish Fishing Line | High Visible Sunburst Orange

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Quick word from WST founder -- Matthew L. Davis

Thanks for making this the best catfishing line ever sold!!

We developed the smallest line dia. in its class to bring you a long casting, ultra-low memory fishing line in a high visible orange that the catfishing market has never seen. 

Thanks for all the support!!


WST-Catfish Fishing Line is created from 100% copolymer nylon and manufactured for the catfish angler who demands only the most advanced catfishing line available. We have the smallest diameter catfishing line in the industry and our High Visible Sunburst Orange will detect the smallest of bytes. 

WST- Catfish Fishing Line Specifications:

  • 500 Yard Spools (enough for 3-4 reels depending on model)
  • Low stretch
  • UV-protection
  • Ultra-low memory
  • Superior knot strength
  • Top abrasion resistance
  • Excellent for both spinning & baitcasting reels
  • Smallest diameter line in the Catfishing Industry


Our Catfish Fishing Line components are made in our High Visible Sunburst Orange, which makes this the first and only choice for anglers seeking Blue, Channel and Flathead catfish.  This monofilament catfish fishing line can meet the versatile needs of not only the tournament fisherman, but also the casual weekender.

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