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Catfish Rods

Hardcore catters know the right catfishing rods can make or break a day of fishing. If you’ve ever gone “one on one” with a monster catfish you know there’s a fine line when it comes to control. They’re big, angry and powerful and wrong rod puts them in charge, not you.  Pulling monster blue catfish off the bottom, yanking massive flatheads out of timbered lairs in river bends and finesse fishing for channel catfish is all in a days work for me. Finding the balance of the right weight, strength, and sensitivity in the perfect fishing rod is something I’ve never found (and I’ve spent a lot of time searching).

After fifteen years as a professional catfish guide, I’d given up on finding the “perfect” catfish pole.  When I saw the innovative line of catfish tackle from Whisker Seeker Tackle I knew they were the company to work with to build the Chad Ferguson, Signature Series Catfish Rods.  We started with one goal, build a line of “perfect” catfish rods that’s like no other available and back it with an unprecedented warranty.  I spent a year testing and fine-tuning every aspect of these rods in every situation possible. I put them through every abuse possible, pushing the limits to find a weakness.  Thousands of pounds of trophy blue catfish, dozens of monster flatheads and hundreds of channel catfish later, I sat down and agreed to put my name on it.

The first catfish rod in the Chad Ferguson Signature Series is a Medium Heavy action rod built for a variety of catfishing techniques and situations. It’s truly a general purpose rod for “every” catfish angler.  Catching big cats, finesse fishing for smaller ones, drifting, trolling, tightlining or slinging stink bait, this rod can handle it all (plus it’ll turn heads with its killer looks).  It’s the only fishing rod worthy of carrying Chad Ferguson’s name and the Catfish Edge and Whisker Seeker brand, it’s truly a cutting edge catfishing rod.

Chad Ferguson GFX Catfish Rod Specifications:

  • Download our complete Whisker Seeker Tackle catfishing rod buyers guide HERE:
  • Proprietary blank construction built to our stringent specs as we do not use mass-produced blanks.
  • S-Glass, carbon graphite composite blank construction resulting in a rod that shares the strength benefits of glass, but with the lightness/sensitivity of graphite and carbon.
  • High visibility rod tip shines like a laser against the water so you can see every bit of activity when Mr. Whiskers comes along.
  • Revolutionary composite blank with a strong backbone for winching in monsters and a sensitive tip for circle hooks or detecting lighter bites.
  • 7’6" rod length provides the ideal balance between leverage over big cats, casting distance and versatility for a variety of techniques.
  • Full SS black 1 piece guides (10 on Casting and 8 on Spinning models) for super smooth long distance casting and long term durability with monofilament or braided fishing line.
  • Heavy reinforced Graphite double locking reel seats lock and hold without backing off or walking and built for long term abuse.
  • Extra long handle and foregrip to control big cats, bottom bounce sinkers or finesse fish. Tuck it under your arm and lay down on a big cat and you’ll feel the difference.
  • Cork composite handles provide the look and feel of cork but offer a no-slip grip and durability like no other, catfish slime and shad scales wipe right off and it doesn’t weather and breakdown like cork.
  • Light enough to hold all day and strong enough to lay the smackdown on a monster cat.
  • Large SS hook tender is there when needed.
  • Industry leading “Trophy Tuff” warranty exceeds all other catfish rod warranties, because we’ve built a product we’re confident i
  • 10-50lb mono line rating


Trophy Tuff Warranty Information: The Whisker Seeker Chad Ferguson “Signature Series” Catfish Rod is so tough that it’s backed by an industry leading warranty. Use it, abuse it and put it through the paces and we’ve got your back! Register your rod after purchase and Whisker Seeker Tackle will warranty the rod for one year against manufacturer defects plus cover you with our “Trophy Tuff” warranty. The Whisker Seeker Tackle Chad Ferguson “Signature Series” Catfish Rod is covered by an industry leading “Trophy Tuff” Warranty for a period of two years. The “Trophy Tuff” warranty goes beyond manufacturers defects and exceeds all other catfish rod warranties. Nobody else comes close to standing behind their catfish rods like Whisker Seeker Tackle. Break it, damage it or do something stupid? We’ve slammed rods in a truck tailgate, stepped on them and made mistakes and know you will too! We’ll ease the pain because we’ve been there! The “Trophy Tuff” warranty has you covered when bad stuff happens, even if it’s not our fault! It covers your mistakes for a period of two years. We’ll swap your rod out for 50% of retail no questions asked for a period of two years.* Manufacturers defects are 100% covered during the first year, all you pay is shipping and handling. *Product registration and proof of purchase required. Warranty limited to the original owner only.