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Catfish Rig Floats | Unrigged Catfish Spook

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Catfish Rig Floats | Catfish Spooks - Unrigged

Say hello to the ultimate catfish temptress – the Whisker Seeker Tackle Catfish Spook, powered by the iconic Heddon Spook platform! Forget the boring old foam floats – we're bringing some serious razzle-dazzle to your catfishing game with our hard plastic rattling float! Drifting, dragging, or anchored – you name it, the Catfish Spook is ready to rock 'n' roll! Elevate your bait off the bottom and into the catfish strike zone like a pro. Available in a dazzling array of colors, all Catfish Spooks come in silver shad with accents of blaze orange, toxic green, voodoo red, onyx black, or yellow shadtreuse . Match your style and fish-feeding patterns – the choice is yours!

  • 3 sizes - Small, Medium, Large
  • Small Qty: 5 per pack
  • Medium Qty: 4 per pack
  • Large Qty: 4 per pack
  • Extra loud rattles
  • Powred by Heddon Spook platform
  • Unrigged & ready to equip

SPOOK® & Heddon® are registered trademarks of Plastic Research and Development. Whisker Seeker Tackle uses them under agreement.