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Catfish Rig Floats - Colors | Whisker Seeker Tackle
Catfish Rig Floats | WST-Stingers

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Whisker Seeker Tackle Catfish Rig Floats | WST-Stingers are an excellent choice when using larger/multiple baits on a single rig.  They are designed to keep your preferred bait off the bottom in prime cat-fishing strike zones.

Use these Catfish Rig Floats when trolling, drifting, or when stationary and current is present. Trolling & drifting speeds should be between .5 - 1.25 mph and adjusted depending on the water temperature & time of year. Leader length will determine the height of the Whisker Seeker Tackle WST-Stinger.

Package contents:

  • Two (2) Whisker Seeker Tackle Catfish Rig Floats | WST-Stingers


  • Non-painted indestructible 3” high buoyancy body
  • One 6/0 and one 6/0 or 8/0 high-carbon chemically sharpened WST Offset Octo-Cir hooks 
  • WST Fast Clip for easy 5 second hook changes (no tools required)
  • WST rolling swivel 
  • Supreme 65# 7x7 stranded nylon coated wire
  • Noise rattling 3D fiber optic beads
Same Day Shipping Before 2pm cst