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Catfish Float Rigs - Colors | Whisker Seeker Tackle
Catfish Rig Floats | WST-Rattlers

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Whisker Seeker Tackle Catfish Rig Floats | WST-Rattlers are designed to keep your preferred catfish bait off the bottom in prime catfishing strike zones.

Use these Catfish Rig Floats to elevate your bait when trolling, drifting, or when stationary and current is present. Trolling & drifting speeds should be between .5 - 1.25 mph and adjusted depending on the water temperature & time of year. Leader length will determine the height that Whisker Seeker Tackle WST-Rattler will elevate your catfish bait.

Just use a simple slip sinker rig with all our products to create an easy, indestructible, all-in-one Santee Cooper Catfishing Rig. 

Package contents:

  • Two (2) Whisker Seeker Tackle Catfish Rig Floats | WST-Rattlers


  • Non-painted indestructible 2.5” high buoyancy body
  • 6/0 high-carbon chemically sharpened WST Offset Octopus Circle hook 
  • WST Fast Clip for easy 5 second hook changes (no tools required)
  • WST rolling swivel 
  • WST 65# 7x7 stranded nylon coated wire
  • Noise rattling 3D fiber optic beads


Manufactured by Whisker Seeker Tackle



Same Day Shipping Before 2pm cst