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Catfish Headlamps with Ultra-Flood LED Technology 

We fought with inferior lights while chasing catfish at night for years. We’ve even had to use multiple different lights at times because there wasn’t one light we could work with. If you’ve every tried to tie a catfish rig in the dark between a dim boat light and a dull lantern while holding a flashlight to fill in the gaps you understand the struggle.  

We switched to headlamps and while they worked “hands free” they were a problem as well because the beam was never right and they had limited functions and colors that didn’t cater to the Catfish angler.  

That’s when we decided to build the perfect Catfish Headlamp that would do everything an angler needed that included the right color combinations, some nifty safety features and then some. We tinkered, tested, redesigned and finally developed the perfect headlamp for catfish anglers and threw all other lights away.  We are confident that you will too when strapping this light on your head during your next nighttime fishing adventure.  

It’s like a fishing superpower!  

These Catfish Headlamps are built with COB (Chip On Board) and Ultra-Flood LED technology so it packs a serious punch in a small package with multiple light beams, focus patterns and even Ultra-Flood night vision colors for all your angling needs.  

The COB (Chip On Board) technology maximizes the lighting and creates a nice even beam to light things up while working, increases battery life and life of the LED lighting while reducing heat output from the unit.

What’s that mean in fishing terms? The light is even and spreads out 170 degrees wide, you won’t be replacing batteries non-stop and the light won’t get hot and burn your noggin.  

If that isn’t cool enough, we’ve also built in multiple functions.

Catfish Headlamp Specifications:

  • LED Red Ultra-Flood 170 degree no hotspot Night Vision** spread in (30 lumens)
  • LED Blue Ultra-Flood 170 degree no hotspot Night Glow spread in (30 lumens)
  • LED White Ultra-Flood 170 degree no hotspot Day Vision spread in  (120 lumens)
  • COB + Ultra-Flood 170 degree spread in White (300 lumens)
  • COB LED low, medium and high focused beam for tedious work (100,150,200 lumens)
  • Built in emergency flashing red light
  • Built in emergency whistle
  • Adjustable headband for all sizes of noggins
  • Operates off (3) AAA & (1) CR2032 batteries (included) 

The headlamp is backed by our one year warranty against manufactures defects and a one-year “Trophy Tuff” warranty.  Break it, damage it, do something stupid?  Whisker Seeker Tackle has got your back and will replace the headlamp for 50% of retail for two years from the date of purchase**. 

Release Date: 07.04.2018

Manufactured by Whisker Seeker Tackle


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