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Catfish Bait Knife | 5" Blade

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Catfish Bait Knife | 5" Blade

Successful catfish anglers know that one of the best baits to catch catfish both big and small is fresh cut bait. Whether you’re making quick easy cuts in smaller bait fish like shad or skipjack herring or doing hard work cutting tough and bony rough fish like carp or buffalo into chunks you need the right tools for the job. Until now there’s never been a knife made for catfish anglers to specifically meet the demands of their tough tasks. 
The ultra sharp Whisker Seeker Tackle 5" bait knife will provide catfish anglers years of performance. 
We’ve solved the problem of finding a quality catfish bait knife and as always built in the tools and features catfish anglers need all the way from the blade design with back serrated edge and built in line cutter to the custom non-slip (and slime proof) grip handle.  Whether you're cutting frozen or fresh bait our razor sharp 4116 stainless steel Teflon coated blade will provide you years of performance.

Catfish Bait Knife Specifications:

  • Razor sharp 4116 stainless steel Teflon coated blade
  • Serrated back edge for easy scaling and cutting of bones
  • Ergonomic and durable "slime proof” grip handle
  • Built in fishing line cutter wedge
  • Durable quick dry sheath
  • Two year Trophy Tuff Warranty


The Whisker Seeker catfish bait knife is so tough that it’s backed by an industry leading warranty
Use it, abuse it and put it through the paces and we’ve got your back!
Register your catfish bait knife after purchase and Whisker Seeker Tackle will warranty the knife for one year against manufacturer defects plus cover you with our “Trophy Tuff” warranty.
The Whisker Seeker Tackle catfish bait knife is covered by an industry leading “Trophy Tuff” Warranty for a period of two years. The “Trophy Tuff” warranty goes beyond manufacturers defects and exceeds all others. Nobody else comes close to standing behind their products like Whisker Seeker Tackle.
Break it, damage it or do something stupid? We’ve broken knife blades, bent them and made mistakes and know you will too! We’ll ease the pain because we’ve been there! The “Trophy Tuff” warranty has you covered when bad stuff happens, even if it’s not our fault! It covers your mistakes for a period of two years. We’ll swap your bait knife out for 50% of retail no questions asked for a period of two years.*
Manufacturers defects are 100% covered during the first year, all you pay is shipping and handling.
*Product registration and proof of purchase required. Warranty limited to the original owner only.