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Catfish Breading

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Catfish Fish Fry Breading Mix

We changed the way you fish, now we're changing the way you cook fish
We tried dozens of big-name "fish fry products". None of them were "perfect" so we made our own, the ultimate fish fry breading
We truly believe there's no better fish fry product available! We started with the highest quality cornmeal and mixed in a special blend of seasonings to create the perfect taste, texture, and aroma in a fish fry breading. The end result is a fillet that tastes great with a nice crisp coating. Whisker Seeker fish fry breading isn't just for catfish, it's perfect for any species of fish!
Remember to put the big cats back! There's nothing wrong with keeping a few smaller fish for a meal, just be sure to practice selective harvest while fishing! 
10oz bags