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Whisker Seeker Tackle LockJaw Catfish Grips are affordable, tough and built to last. They’ll simplify everything you do with handling and releasing catfish of all sizes. 
We teamed up with catfish pro, Chad Ferguson, to build the LockJaw Catfish Grips which are truly the first “catfish specific” fishing grips available. We didn’t take a pair of mass marketed fish grips and slap a catfish logo on them, we built them from the ground up specifically for catfish anglers.
Catfish anglers have been forced to use inferior fish grips for far too long and they’ve had limited options:
  • You can use cheap plastic grips that bend, flex, crack and break. They look neat and they float but they’re not going to last and they’re hard to use. 
  • You can use lightweight fish grips built by some fancy bass fisherman. They'll get twisted into a horseshoe or fall apart when trying to handle big catfish.
  • You can skip your next car payment and buy some overpriced saltwater grips that are built tough but still difficult to use.
Now, luckily, there’s a better way, Whisker Seeker Tackle LockJaw Catfish Grips, the last fishing grips you’ll ever buy.  
It took three years of design, testing and development to get Chad’s seal of approval but we finally built something that did everything he wanted (and he couldn’t break) and that’s the Whisker Seeker Tackle LockJaw Catfish Grips 
Whisker Seeker Tackle LockJaw Catfish Grips are the biggest, baddest and most well built fish grips available. 
They’re built to work, they’re built to last and they’re innovative. They’re built Whisker Seeker tough!
Product Specifications:
  • Simple one handed operation so you can grab big cats fast with a rod or landing net in your hand! The LockJaws instantly collapse with the simple push of a button.
  • Stainless Steel Construction for fresh and saltwater use and there’s stainless steel parts where they count (you don’t need plastic jaws trying to hold your big catfish).
  • Ultra powerful jaws that stay engaged when handling fish.
  • Heavy duty reinforced jaws so they won’t twist and bend under the force of monster catfish.
  • Rotating head to protect the angler, the fish and to make fish handling and release safe and simple!
  • Cushioned EVA foam handle for a secure and comfortable grip with your hands wet or dry. 
  • Adjustable lanyard for extra security when landing and releasing fish.
Package Contents:
  • 1 LockJaw Catfish Grips
  • 1 Adjustable Lanyard
Manufactured by Whisker Seeker Tackle
Think about this. 
You’ve just finished an epic battle with a monster catfish, it’s been scooped up in a landing net and made it across the gunnels of your catfish boat. You’re whooping, hollering and giving high fives all the while thinking of “the” fish story that will be told for years to come.
You reach down, remove the hook and insert your hand into the mouth of the behemoth catfish and grab hold to take some quick photos and then put it back in the water because that’s what hardcore catfish anglers do. 
Just as you’re lifting the fish it bites down HARD and begins to spin, taking every bit of skin off your knuckles and turning you into a flailing, whining mess of a man while your fishing buddies snicker and laugh. No longer is this the story of the epic catfish battle, it’s the time you get catfish knuckled and whined about it the rest of the day. 
Luckily someone whips out a pair of their favorite fish grips but everything goes wrong, you need two hands to work them, it’s a nightmare trying to secure the fish and they’re made of plastic so the moment you lift the fish they flex and feel like they’re going to come apart in your hands. Sure, they “float” but who cares about that if they’re not going to work?
You get your photos, lower the fish into the water, go to release it and the big cat goes into another “death roll” nearly breaking your wrist. You struggle to get free and keep the grips with you, not losing them to the fish and think, there has to be a better way. 
That’s why we built the Whisker Seeker Tackle LockJaw Catfish Grips. They’re built Whisker Seeker tough!


Manufactured by Whisker Seeker Tackle