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Catfish Rig Rattles | Versa-Rattles

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Catfish Rig Rattles | Versa Rattles

Our Catfish Rig Rattles add sound and vibration to any catfish rig you use.  Works for all species and sizes of catfish.  Add a Catfish Rig Rattle to your favorite catfish rig in combination with your favorite bait and let the sound and vibration draw catfish in. 

When positioning a Versa Rattle up against a hook use a bead to separate the two. This will help keep the head of the hook from lodging into the rattle when spinning and separating the unit in faster current situations. Thanks for your assistance while we researched and corrected the issue everyone!

Catfish Rig Rattles Specifications:

  • Unlimited possibilities to add noise and vibration to any catfish setup
  • Effortlessly slides on to any fishing line
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Place bead in-between Versa Rattle and any hooks/swivels to prevent separation


  • Single 1 Packs (5) Catfish Versa-Rattles
  • Bulk 10 packs (50) Catfish Versa Rattles

Ideal Situations:

  • Versa Rattle 1's are best used when using cut or live bait when drifting, trolling in both lakes & rivers
  • Versa Rattle 2's are best used with both live or cut bait in rivers with stronger currents 

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Manufactured by Whisker Seeker Tackle


Catfish Rig Rattles | Versa Rattles 2

Get ready to revolutionize your catfishing with our newly redesigned Versa-Rattle 2 catfish rig rattles.

The Versa-Rattle 2 is back and it’s better than ever, louder, and 100% waterproof! Our triple-fin, in-line catfish rig rattle has been redesigned from the ground up to deliver unparalleled performance and durability and it’s only available from Whisker Seeker Tackle!

Our hydrodynamic design was built to withstand even the toughest catfish head shakes, rock slams, and submerged cover with ease. We utilized cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to create a product that's now totally water-resistant, with zero water ingress. Our all-new method of inserting our stainless steel rattles, results in an increase in sound and vibration levels by over 10%, so they’re louder than ever. You'll attract more fish and catch more and bigger catfish than ever!

No matter the conditions, you can count on the Versa-Rattle 2 to deliver top-notch performance every time! The Versa-Rattle 2 catfish rig rattles can be used with any catfishing technique or in any conditions but the triple fin design excels when fishing in current or river conditions, bumping, or fishing in and around heavy cover!

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, the Versa-Rattle 2 catfish rig rattle is guaranteed to take your fishing experience to new heights. Don't settle for anything less than the best - upgrade to the new and improved Versa-Rattle 2.

Versa-Rattle 2’s are only available through Whisker Seeker Tackle! Look for the WST Brand molded into the rattle to be sure you’re getting genuine QUALITY Versa-Rattle 2’s!

  • Add sound and vibration to any catfish rig
  • Works for all species and sizes of catfish.
  • Can be used with any technique or condition but excels in bumping or fishing current
  • Effortlessly slides onto any fishing line
  • For best results, use a bead or sinker bumper between rattle and swivel.
  • Single (1) Packs Contain 5 Each Catfish Versa-Rattle 2’s
  • Bulk (10) Packs Contain 50 Each Catfish Versa Rattle 2’s
  • Available in multiple colors including, Midnight (Black), Sunburst (Red), Shadtreuse (Yellow), LimeAid (Green), BubbleGum (Pink/Fuschia)

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