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Catfish Rig Rattles | Versa-Rattles

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Catfish Rig Rattles | Versa Rattles

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Our Catfish Rig Rattles add sound and vibration to any catfish rig you use.  Works for all species and sizes of catfish.  Add a Catfish Rig Rattle to your favorite catfish rig in combination with your favorite bait and let the sound and vibration draw catfish in. 

When positioning a Versa Rattle up against a hook use a bead to separate the two. This will help keep the head of the hook from lodging into the rattle when spinning and separating the unit in faster current situations. Thanks for your assistance while we researched and corrected the issue everyone!

Catfish Rig Rattles:

  • Unlimited possibilities to add noise and vibration to any catfish setup
  • Effortlessly slides on to any fishing line
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Place bead in-between Versa Rattle and any hooks/swivels to prevent separation



  • Single 1 Packs (5) Catfish Versa-Rattles
  • Bulk 10 packs (50) Catfish Versa Rattles


Manufactured by Whisker Seeker Tackle

Release Date: 06.15.2015


07.01.16 - Due to some anglers having issues with our Catfish Versa Rattles splitting apart during certain circumstances we have listened to our customers and re-manufactured our molds for a second time. Rest assure that our Versa Rattles are now 5X stronger and better than before due to all our customers’ providing feedback.

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