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Catfish Tackle Box | 57 Piece

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"The Catfish Tackle Box" 

Catfish are one of the most sought after gamefish in the United States. Over the last twenty years the average angler has seen a renaissance in catfishing and revolution in catfishing techniques. Whether chasing eater-sized channel catfish in small streams, gargantuan flathead catfish in reservoirs, or leviathon blue catfish in the largest rivers in the country, Whisker Seeker Tackle has the catfish gear you need.

If you're a new catfish angler, knowing what to buy for your catfish tackle box may seem like a daunting task. What type of hook do I need for different bait types? Is the circle hook the best option, or do I go with an octopus or j hook? Does one lure work better than another depending on the situation? What catfish bait should I use at different times of the year and bodies of water?

If you're looking for the best catfish hook, lure, rod, rig, bobber, and fishing line available from an industry-leading team of experts, look no further. At Whisker Seeker Tackle, we have just what the doctor ordered to get you fishing and catching big fish like a pro! 

First of all, creating the ideal catfish tackle box doesn't have to be a struggle or break the bank. For less than $100, a catfish angler can buy Whisker Seeker fishing line and the Whisker Seeker Tackle Catpack. The Catpack is a collection of the finest Whisker Seeker catfish gear, featuring 57 pieces of our most popular lurescatfish rigshooks, and terminal tackle to fill your catfish tackle box.  This premium gear is sure to make you the envy of friends and fellow anglers and the enemy of big catfish everywhere!

The Whisker Seeker Catpack Combo includes the following catfishing items designed to enhance your fishing experience:

  • (1) Whisker Seeker Tackle Box
  • (1) Full Color Whisker Seeker Tackle Decal 
  • (1) Whisker Seeker Tackle Stinger 
  • (1) Whisker Seeker Tackle XL Rattler
  • (1) Whisker Seeker Tackle Rattler
  • (1) Whisker Seeker Tackle PP-Seeker
  • (1) Whisker Seeker Tackle MP-Seeker 
  • (1) Whisker Seeker Tackle Ultra Chub
  • (2) Whisker Seeker Tackle Peg Floats
  • (3) 8/0 Whisker Seeker Tackle Triple Threat Hooks
  • (4) 6/0 Whisker Seeker Tackle Triple Threat Hooks 
  • (5) Whisker Seeker Tackle Versa Rattle 
  • (5) Whisker Seeker Tackle Versa Rattle 2's 
  • (5) Whisker Seeker Tackle Sinker Slides 
  • (12) Whisker Seeker Tackle Bead Stops 
  • (12) Whisker Seeker Tackle EZ Rig Fast Clips 

The best part is that the Whisker Seeker Catpack can be yours today for 79.95!

You’ve got nothing to lose, so come visit us at Whisker Seeker Tackle to fill up your catfish tackle box today! We have everything needed to get you on the water and catching big catfish fast!    


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