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Catfish Scale | Digital 110lb

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Catfish Scale | 110lb Digital Scale

With over two decades of time under his belt as a catfish guide Chad Ferguson reached out to us and asked us to build a TRUE set of catfish scales that meet the specific demands of catfish anglers. He was sick and tired of cheap scales that didn’t work, were difficult to use and didn’t hold up to the demands of a catfish anglers. We teamed up to fix the problem and build the perfect set of catfish scales

If you’ve been looking for digital scales capable of weighing monster catfish that are easy to use then you’ve come to the right place. After years of “making do” with scales that are built for wimpy freshwater fish, catfish anglers finally have digital scales that are made by catfish anglers, for catfish anglers. 

Our digital catfish scales are capable of weighing monster catfish up to 110 pounds and they're certifiable* also so you’ll always be ready to weigh that record fish!  

Whisker Seeker Tackle Digital Catfish Scale Features:

  • Water resistant design.
  • Weighs catfish up to 110 pounds.
  • Ergonomic design so they’re easy to hold.
  • Folding arms for weighing big fish with ease.**
  • Over-sized hook that works with LockJaw Catfish Grips and most landing nets or slings.
  • Easy tare function for quick access.
  • Comfort touch finish that’s easy to grab and hold.
  • Automatic beep when weight locks in for pounds and ounces.
  • Weighs in pounds and ounces or kilograms with the quick press of a button.
  • Blue back-lit LED display for easy night viewing.
  • Automatic shutoff to save batteries for when they’re most needed.
  • Operates off AAA batteries for convenience and cost savings.
  • Certifiable for record fish.
  • One year manufacturers warranty.
  • Two year Trophy Tuff Warrant

* Not all states recognize certified scales for record fish.  It is best to determine if you state allows personal scales that are certified for the recording of record weight fish.

** When weighing fish greater then 35 pounds weigh fish by cupping scale and letting inside arms rest between your thumb and forefinger to prevent damage to your swing out arms.

Just like our Whisker Seeker Tackle Catfish Rods the Digital Catfish Scales are backed by the Whisker Seeker Tackle Trophy Tuff Warranty. The scales are covered by a full manufacturers warranty that covers you from all manufacturers defects and then the Trophy Tuff Warranty kicks in. 

The Trophy Tuff Warranty is the “stuff happens” warranty because we’ve been there too! 

You leave something in a compartment that fills with water, step on it and break it, “stuff happens”, we get it. And that’s where the Trophy Tuff Warranty kicks in and covers you for a full two years from date of purchase. If for ANY reason you break or damage your scales file a Trophy Tuff Warranty claim with Whisker Seeker Tackle and you’ll get a brand new pair of scales for 50% of MSRP

** Register scales within 30 days of purchase for Trophy Tuff Warranty eligibility. 

Manufactured by Whisker Seeker Tackle